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Technology Concierge

A Membership Program 
for Seniors in Independent and Assisted Living Communities

Volara is committed to mitigating the impact of isolation on seniors.  We are proud to be partnering with Google, CDW and Leading Age to enable video calling for over 9000 seniors in Independent and Assisted Living Communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

What we offer?

A membership that enables residents of senior living communities to maintain their independence and pursue their passions through supportive technologies


Proprietary coursework focused on quality of life enabling technologies


Engagement during real-time virtual office hours, trainings, and discussions


Real-time remote multi-channel support of seniors first and technology second 


Proprietary coursework focused on quality of life enabling technologies

Get the Grub You Want When You Want It.

Listen to music by voice command.

Share photo albums with loved ones.

Class notes available for download, printing, and easy reference

Family Oriented? 
Communicate by text, video, and voice.


Upcoming courses driven by the interests of our members

Access and read your favorite books for less.

Mix and mingle without leaving your apartment.

Utilize tools to optimize your own nutrition and fitness.

Film Buff?
Learn how to find and enjoy the movies you love.

Optimize and expand your cognitive state.

Play chess, scrabble and even golf with  friends.


Engagement during real-time virtual office hours, trainings and discussions

Office hours with technology leaders foster residents intellectual curiosity

Group training sessions provide a scheduled opportunity for in-depth education and sharing

Moderated group discussions foster peer connections and focus on common challenges

View a sample community programs calendar


Real-time remote multi-channel support of seniors first and technology second 



Is your staff spending time supporting residents' personal technologies?

Provide your residents a single point of contact 
for simple, personal, and delightful support of their individual technology needs. 

some of The technologies We support
















Video Chat



Online Shopping


Food Delivery


Smart Speakers

Grocery Ordering

some of the One-to-one services We provide

Software Installation

Data Backups

Password Resets

Bluetooth Pairing


TV Input Changes

App Downloads

Social Media Setup

 E-commerce Support

Car Booking Help

Internet Support


How Does this membership program 
provide a Return on investment to your Senior Living Business?

Provide A Differentiated Offering
Offer a service valued by residents and their families alike

Reduce Community Staff Strain
Enable your team to focus on resident health and safety

Improve Net Promoter Scores
Increase referral volume by building loyalty

Create New Revenue Streams
Turn a traditional cost center into revenue that scales

Improve Operational Efficiency
Turn residents' technology utilization into an efficient service model

Mitigate the Impact of Isolation 
Enable socially distanced resident engagement

Hassle Free for Your Staff
Our resident service process is as easy as 1, 2, 3
Volara ships your resident an onboarding packet Highlighting the benefits of membership
Volara Welcomes New Members during Periodic phone and video conferences
Volara proactively checks in, Presents Content, and responds to requests
Why now is the time to provide a technology concierge to your residents
Your residents are increasingly using technology in their daily lives. Your staff is spending countless hours helping these residents to engage with, optimize and troubleshoot these new technologies.
  Your staff is overstretched supporting residents health and safety
  Your residents are relying on technology to mitigate the impact of isolation
  Families expect that technology will function and be supported
Give Your residents a newfound confidence in their use of modern technologies
Volara's Technology Concierge won't just fix the technology problem, we support and nurture each individual resident's interest in technology.
  We support the resident first and fix the tech second.
  We Build Relationships Through Our Passion For Technology.
  Sometimes the technology is just an excuse to talk... and that's OK.
Dedicated Professionals Specially Trained to support Seniors
Our Technology Concierge team has spent their careers helping seniors engage with technology.  We understand and cater to the needs of seniors.  We pride ourselves on:
  Providing frustration free Covid-safe experiences.
  Ensuring patient educational conversational interactions.
  Building relationships through our passion for technology.
meet some of our technology concierges
Josh has spent his career in technology training.  His passion for both hardware and software is palpable.  His clients look forward to every interaction with him as they know it will expand their technological horizons.  Josh is originally from the land of Disney - Orlando, Florida.
Sarah brings clarity to the most complex technology challenges. Her communications with clients enlighten on the power and potential of their use of internet connected hardware and software products.  Sarah joins us from the city of progress and prosperity - Toledo, Ohio.
Jeffrey is a problem solver known to fix that which was previously thought to be lost. The toughest technology challenges are right in his wheelhouse.  Jeffrey turns mission impossible into the art of the possible. Jeffrey lives with his wife and four daughters in his hometown of Amherst, NY.
Ray is an astute technologist with deep experience in social media setup and messaging apps.  He loves facilitating virtual family reunions.  Ray originally hails from Detroit, MI.
Angie is a dedicated  professional with a passion for video production and family.  She enjoys supporting seniors in both Spanish and English.  She is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin.
Xavier's commitment to client service is unmatched.  A genuine and helpful partner to seniors, he's the ultimate teacher and guide.  Xavier loves his family and hometown of Baltimore, MD.
Dylan's methodical approach enables him to overcome the seemingly impossible.  He's built a reputation as the wizard of high technology.  Dylan works in our Amherst, NY technology lab.
No Set Up Fees or long term contracts
Volara's Technology Concierge is offered exclusively to partner senior independent and assisted living communities as a subscription with no long term contracts or cancellation penalties.  
  Make tech support a profit center.  Ask about our bulk purchase and reseller programs.
  Enroll through an existing vendor relationship.  Suitable for IT, resident services, and events budget centers.
  Scale your technology support service to reach every resident without growing your IT team.
Go Ahead!  Try Asking a technology Concierge a Question Right Now.
Think this is too good to be true?  We are so sure that you'll be impressed by the personal and professional responsiveness of our technology concierges that we'll let you try the service for free with no commitment right now!  Give it a try!  Try to stump us!
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