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Cruise Ships

Engage your passengers in their state rooms through Volara’s voice-based software to get them involved in ship activities and excursions. Volara will help you create remarkable and personalized conversational guest experiences that align with your brand, while enabling you to serve, influence and understand your passengers in whole new ways.

What You Get When You Partner with Volara

  • Customized Software
  • Branded Hardware
  • Tailored Collateral
  • Setup & Support
  • Analytics & Data
  • Administrative Tools

What Can You Do With Volara?

Share custom responses to passengers’s questions, provide information about your ship, and share insider recommendations in a voice and tone that is consistent with your brand.

Drive Onboard Revenue

Get passengers out of their room and engaged with your onboard activities! Offer them interactions that appeal to their interests and make recommendations that cater to their needs.

  • Suggest Excursions Restaurants Shows and More

  • Promote Amenity Upgrades and Packages

  • Sell Passengers Their Next Cruise Vacation

Influence Guest Behavior

Make your guests feel special and welcome with custom messages and “inside” tips or fun facts about your voyage.

  • Share a Special Greeting from The Captain

  • Highlight Elite Staff Expertise and Talents

  • Include Greetings from Celebrities or Famous Characters

Reduce Staff Strain & Improve Service

Guests can easily make in-room requests via their Volara-enabled device. Requests for common information or room services are convenient for both guests to make and staff to manage.

  • Manage Stateroom Dining Services

  • Channel Maintenance Requests

  • Handle Frequently Asked Questions

Start Engaging Your Guests

Let us help you differentiate your property and extend your brand to truly engage your guests. When you create a spectacular experience, your guests will not only come back, they’ll tell their friends, family and the world about their amazing stay at your boutique property!

Early adopters have an opportunity to differentiate their property and take advantage of the public and media interest in voice-automation. Volara works with its partners to measure the impact of its solution on TRevPar, NetPromoter Scores, Sentiment Scores, and TripAdvisor Ratings.

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About Volara

Volara is THE provider of custom voice-based solutions to the hospitality industry. Our proprietary software creates a hotel business tool atop the leading hardware and natural language processing platforms. Our proven best practices ensure high utilization rates and an optimal guest experience - ensuring your guests’ engagement is personal and remarkable. Volara enables you to serve your guests more efficiently and subtly influence their behavior while leaving them with a warm feeling toward your brand.

When your guests talk, you win! Ask Volara to create a custom solution that’s consistent with your brand.

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