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Volara and SynergyMMS: Voice-Based Incident Management System Integration

Posted by David BergerJune 1, 2017

Volara, the leading provider of voice-based guest engagement software for the Amazon Echo, is now integrated with SynergyMMS. This integration turns the popular consumer hardware from Amazon into a hotel business tool that will have a direct positive impact on hotel KPIs.

Volara provides an easy, fun way for guests to request items, get recommendations, and generally engage with hotel staff and services without the hassle of picking up the antiquated landline telephone still found in every hotel room. Hotel guests can ask questions typically asked of a hotel concierge, valet, housekeeper or bellman.

  • “Alexa, ask the hotel to pick up my laundry.”
  • “Alexa, ask the hotel to bring me towels.”
  • “Alexa, ask the hotel for more pillows to be brought to my room.”

Interactions like these are integrated seamlessly with SynergyMMS and immediately dispatched to the appropriate staff.

Volara and SynergyMMS: Voice-Based Incident Management System Integration

While the Volara-SynergyMMS integration enables more efficient guest service, the solution also provides insights from aggregated interaction data that hotel staff can use to improve guest services. The future of hotel guest engagement is voice and SynergyMMS is proud to be integrated with the leader in voice-based guest engagement, Volara.

Volara engages guests today in leading properties including JW Marriott San Antonio, Alexis Hotel by Kimpton Seattle, TheWit by Hilton DoubleTree Chicago, Marina Del Rey Hotel and The Wayfarer, among many others.

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Volara is THE provider of custom voice-based solutions to the hospitality industry. Our proprietary software creates a hotel business tool atop the leading hardware and natural language processing platforms. Our proven best practices ensure high utilization rates and an optimal guest experience - ensuring your guests’ engagement is personal and remarkable. Volara enables you to serve your guests more efficiently and subtly influence their behavior while leaving them with a warm feeling toward your brand.

When your guests talk, you win! Ask Volara to create a custom solution that’s consistent with your brand.

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